Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Kansas City Studio

When I lived in Atlanta I had a very small studio that was cramped and hard to create in. I had my computer desk in my room and it just felt too small. Well.....when we moved to Kansas City I knew that I would set up my studio the way I wanted it.....organized, sunny and a space I would really enjoy being in.
I decided to take the dining room. It has two large door openings and was much larger than the room I had in Atlanta. Also, I was able to strategically place my workspace so I could see the big screen TV in the Living Room and also I can see my bird feeders that I have on my deck!
I wanted a tool table with my cricut, my big kick, my paints and my die cuts. I found the five shelving units at Big Lots and chose them because they weren't very deep and therefore nothing really ever gets lost on them.
A scrapbook store here was going out of business so I bought the spinner rack and love it! I can see what I have and seem to use it more often. I store my other paper in drawers by color for the solid cardstock and by brand for the other patterned paper. This system seems to work for me.
My clear stamps are stored in 8 1/2 x 11 clear containers and this systems seems to work for me except that there are way too many and my collection is out of control.
Hope you enjoyed this visual tour of my studio. I'm off to cook breakfast and play in the snow before it starts to melt. In total we got about 8 or 9 inches. Hopefully this will be the last snow of the year. I'm ready for flowers, green grass and walking my dog at the park.


  1. Oh, I just looove love love your studio! One day Michaela, one day :)
    Hope you're having fun with the snow. It's Monday morning and it is SNOWING here in Atlanta!!! Spring where are you?!

  2. wow! that is phenomenal! i would love to set up a room that was actually done the right way!